Member-Ownership Application

Any person who supports the North Flint Food Market can join the co-op for $250. Membership is for life. Once you pay for the full membership fee, there are no annual renewal fees!
Membership carries full voting privileges (one vote per membership). Your membership may carry your name and the name of one other household member. Members are able to participate in the decision-making that decides just what kind of grocery store we have!

If you are unable to pay the full cost of membership at the time of this application, you can pay $25 and enter into the NFFM payment plan, making monthly payments until the full $250 membership fee is paid. As long as you are current in your payments, you will have full membership rights, including voting rights.

More information can be found at the North Flint Food Market website: or you can download the application, complete and return by mail to:

North Flint Reinvestment Corporation
1159 East Foss Avenue
Flint, MI 48505

Download the PDF file .