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Community Food Investment Campaign



Community Food Campaign Investors/Donors

Individual investors/donors are asked to contribute a non-refundable, tax deductible contribution of $250.00 to the campaign.  Churches, mosques and places of worship are asked to invest $500.00. Payments can be made in installments throughout the year.  Businesses, non-profits, and healthy food advocate organizations are encouraged to invest $500.00.  Payments can be made in installments; however, we encourage investors to contribute as soon as possible.


Community Food Campaign Deposits

The community food investment campaign account will be kept on deposit at Huntington Bank.  The campaign capital funds will not have multiple accounts held at multiple banks. Huntington Bank will be the sole depository institution.  Please make checks payable to North Flint Reinvestment Corporation or NFRC.  The mailing address is 1159 E. Foss Avenue, Flint, MI 48505.


Community Food Campaign Expenditures

Campaign investment funds will be utilized to cover start-up costs associated with conducting research the market analysis, feasibility studies, consumer surveys, business plan writing, site acquisition, local and state government licenses, applications, and permits, grant-writing, site visit travel expenses, and store operations and management consulting fees.

Keys To A Successful Community Food Investment Campaign

  1. TRUST – We recognize the lack of trust among our people hinders the progress of our community. We believe trust must be earned! NFRC has earned the trust of Flint residents, faith community leaders, and philanthropic organizations.  Since 2010, we have managed over $500,000 in donations and grant funds.  Moreover, we have successfully completed a $1.5 million renovation of the former Urban League of Flint building, which is the new home of Eagle’s Nest Academy.  Every penny utilized to finance the renovation was used for its intended purpose.  We will continue to earn the community’s trust.
  1. TRANSPARENCY – We embrace standard financial transparency practices. During the one year campaign, NFRC will hold monthly investor meetings to provide financial reports to our contributors.  Revenue and expense reports will be created and dispersed.  Investors, moreover, will be encouraged to ask questions and contribute to the planning and organizing of the food and aquaponics center.
  1. TOGETHERNESS – We value Kwanzaa’s fourth Nguzo Saba principle, Ujamaa, which means cooperative economics. We must unite to achieve the common goal of eradicating food deserts in largely populated low-income, African American neighborhoods and promote cooperation in doing together what we cannot do alone!

North Flint Food Coop Presentation

Membership-Ownership Application
Use above link to download form, mail completed form with payment to:
North Flint Reinvestment Corporation 
1159 E. Foss Avenue
Flint, MI 48505